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Technology Features

Core Technology from Chinese Academy of Sciences

Core technology from CAS, high-performance algorith with up to 99% accuracy.

Our server cluster offers strong computing capability to parse facial-behavioral models, able to effectively eliminate the impacts of facial expression changes, environmental factors, and fixtures on facial recognition, to achieve efficient, accurate and smart results.

Our recognition system supports various terminals, able to perform recognition in bulk. It has an accuracy rate of up to 99%, with extremely low error rate.

3D Facial Modeling

Industry-leading 3D Facial Modeling technology, able to accurately recognize faces under different circumstances.

We have achieved breakthrough with our industry-leading 3D Facial Modeling technology, through which HD face detection and comparison can be achieved even if there are multiple individuals on one screen at different angles.

Our system is able to perform accurate facial recognition on individuals of different races and ages. It can even track and analyze trajetory, discover behavior patterns and issue real-time warning. We offer smart security services to the financial, healthcare, public safety, and other sectors.

high speed front-end + back-end cluster

High-speed front-end face detection, combined with distributed server cluster, can quickly identify the individual.

High-speed face detection technology allows fast detection at an industry-leading speed of 25 frames/sec, able to capture every moment.

Advanced smart facial clustering allows you to put a cap on the number of photos containing the same person, avoiding storing multiple photos of the same person.

We have achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in our back-end honey comb structured server cluster, and have upgraded our distributed system (million users) into a facial recognition application capable of unlimited expansion.

Comprehensive Customer Service System

With a professional consultant team, and a diversified product portfolio, we're able to help our clients quikcly deply solution.

We have a comprehensive Facial Recognition Service System, with abundant case studies for your reference, offering maximum protection.

Customized services, diversified product portfolio. Enjoy the security and convenience offered by Artificial Intelligence!


  • DMV | XX City Department of Motor Vihecles

    There are many problems in the current driver license test, such as, huge facial changes due to a long interval since the last time the learner driver took his ID photo; there are agencies that offer services to let someone sit your exam with fees, proctors may fail to recognize the real learner driver with their bare eyes. Centrizen's computer-based visual recognition technology can help the DMV on these matters. According to different scenarios, Centrizen sets up a facial recognition machine in the DMV lobby, comparing on-site photo with the ID photo of the learner driver. Our smart camera can monitor the entire test process in real-time, to screen out imposters, reducing cheating.

  • Public Security Checkpoints | Yunfu public security mobile inspection station face recognition system

    Centrizen face recognition, authentication, and mobile integration devices are applied to the public security system checkpoints.Innovative face recognition hardware equipment assembled in the reconstruction of police cars, you can deploy face recognition systems anytime, anywhere, to create "mobile brush face.".To help the public security and special police officers to solve the workload of identification and improve the efficiency of police duty.

  • Others | XX Campus Dormitory Facial Recognition System

    Campus crimes are on the rise in recent years. To prevent campus crimes, Centrizen helped build an integrated smart management platform, including visitor management, classroom access, and other campus affair management.

  • Smart Community | XX Community Access Control System

    Most communities do not have the infrastructure that can satisfy the current needs for security management. Centrizen applies facial recognition technology to security management in communities, making security management easy and offer more effective and higher level security protection against burglary in communities and condos.


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